Sunset Shot of NYC

New York City Skyline

Sunset Shot of NYC

New York City Skyline at Sunset

I live in New York and I love NYC. The diversity of the cultures and the places that are formed by these cultures captivate me. It is as if a multitudes of islands coalesced into one and formed Manhattan. You turn a corner and it seems a totally different country.

I’ve been to the city so many times and yet every time I go back, I feel like I am experiencing some of its places for the first time – as though it morphs every few days into something new. A perfect place for a photographer and, arguably, a perfect place for anyone who wants to experience a world-tour on a single island.

This image, for me, captures what NYC is – one place with many angles and views – nestled on the waters of the Hudson and forever lighted by the golden glow of the cultures that make it into the one of the greatest cities in the world.

Stomach Churning

Elmsford Carnival 2014


Behind the Shot – Sophia

child portrait photography in New York

A little girl in her big girl chair

Image Background: Sophia is an adorable little girl and she is starting to like the idea of enjoying the joys of life by herself. In this image – she shows her happiness of being by herself in a big girl chair while her dad is entertaining her. The image was taken indoors because of the spring showers outside.

Camera and Lens: Canon EF 24-70mm/F2.8L on an EOS 5D Mark II body.

ISO: 200

Exposure Time: 1/80

Lighting: Natural light from the window on the left with a little light bouncing back from the wall on the right

Post-production: The original image was shot in RAW. Minimal retouch using Photoshop Lightroom 5 running on a Macbook Pro. I used the direct positive preset while adding a post-crop vignette and reducing noise.  I reduced clarity while reducing shadows a little bit to expose more of her face on the shadow side.